Chirpstory: Japan’s Best-known Service For Curating Tweets Goes International

Togetter[J], a web service for curating tweets by hashtags or containing keywords, has introduced its English version called Chirpstory on Thursday.   As well as Togetter (Japanese version), Chirpstory allows you to make a “story” curating all tweets about a specific topic only by drag and drop of several tweets for defining the topic.   It’s Twitter OAuth-compatible.
Togetter was developed by ex-Yahoo Japan engineer Toshiaki Yoshida[J] (@yositosi) last year, it has engaged 2 million unique visitors per month.  This year it won the Good Design Awards, a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organized by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO).
He is currently seeking business partners and developers who have in-depth know-how about advanced technologies and infrastructure management.

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