500,000 People Needed To Get The Deal; Pompare Is Selling A Challenging Coupon

Groupon Japan’s Rival, Ponpare[J] has started to sell a special coupon today. You can get Häagen-Dazs ice cream ticket for 2 mini cups by paying only 100 yen ( about a dollar and quarter).  This means you can get 84% discounts but what makes this coupon drawing attention is the number of sign up required to get the deal.
Häagen-Dazs ice cream 120 ml 2 mini cups for 100 yen[J]

500,000 people need to buy this coupon to get the deal.
At this moment at 20:00 on Nov. 5th, 32400 people had already signed up and about 300 hours (more than 12 days) are remaining until this deal ends.
The question is, will this deal be made or not?
If the deal won’t be made, Ponpare still can acquire many new members without paying for the deal.
Or is this gonna be a successful campaign fulfilling both users joined to this campaign and simultaneously achieve Pompare’s purpose to boost its  growth against Groupon Japan?
Minimum sign ups for the deal is 500,000 but maximum number is 1,000,000. This ticket worth 660 yen so Ponpare needs to pay 660 million yen, about 8.3 million U.S. dollars. However Ponpare may already have good discounts from Häagen-Dazs for promoting their product.
Ponpare is a service operated by Recruit[J], Japanese largest B to C matching service provider based on internet and magazine publication. Groupon Japan, formerly known as Q-pod acquired by Groupon this Summer  is growing faster than other competitors in Japan.
This challenging campaign may change such situation.
But be careful, if you are not living in Japan you can not join to this attractive deal.

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