Mobage Shows How Small Teams Are Making 1 Billion Yen Revenue Per Month

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The largest it industry conference by invitation, Infinity Ventures Summit[J] was held at Sapporo in May 26th and 27th. Among many sessions, the most surprising topic came out from the mouth of Isao Moriyasu, the executive of DeNA who promised to be the next CEO in the end of June.
DeNA has been released series of games titled with the word “royal” proceeding after the launch of their first successful in-house social game “Kaitou Royal” (English title is “Bandit Nation”. Although being really successful in Japan, Bandit Nation closed on August 31, 2010).
Those games have same common denominators as a series, do missions, battle against other players, and collect treasures. All Royal titles has been achieved more than 1 billion yen ( 12 hundred million US dollars ) sale per month.
Ninja Royal is the latest royal series released for Android smartphone. Moriyasu announced they started to develop this title with only 3 staffs at the beginning; 1 planner for full time, one another planner partially working on this project, and 3 engineers. 2 out of 3 engineers were new graduates. Then they added 2 more engineers later and released this title within 6 months.
This is an incredible case representing well how DeNA is running a highly profitable business.


  1. great posting, thanks 🙂 just want to point out a bit about the 1 billion JPY. i think it should be equal to around 12.5 million USD not “12 hundred million US dollars”.

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