Event Wrap-up: Asiajin Readers Meet-up in Akihabara, Tokyo

On Saturday at Ustream Studio Akiba[J], a livecast facility in an Internet cafe in Akihabara, we had a readers meet-up in Tokyo for the first time in approx. 2.5 years.
The meet-up started with Asiajin co-founder Akky’s presentation about our current state.   It described Asiajin contributors are always shortstaffed to cover what are happening in the tech and social media scenes in Japan and Asia.   We’ve been making our effort to invite new contributors as the areas to be covered are getting wider, but basically those who have command of English as well as understand technical and media aspects of  innovative services are usually busy for their money making job.   In order to keep on bringing our readers hot tech news from this region, we need to invite more people.   If you’re interested in joining us for write-ups, please drop us a line.

Secondary, bringing you news coverage in good quality requires some expenses.   Asiajin aims at encouraging Japanese and Asiajin start-ups to go to the world arena “by our selfless love”, we hope not to ask them to be our sponsor.    Several people says, we should ask the Internet tycoons like DeNA, GREE and Rakuten who became no longer start-ups.   Asiajin stories are often quoted by popular tech blogs and major news resources, as you know, we’re proudly one of good exposures for IT companies and services to get a global attention.
Yoski Akamatsu, a Japanese techpreneur who has developed a series of useful and interesting web services, also made an appearance at the event.  He presented what his company is concentrated to and demo-ed his dangerous but funny gadget as he did at our Singapore meet-up.
Some of the attendees suggested that we should have more meet-ups on a monthly basis, a quarterly basis or whatever — anyway, more frequently.   As Akky mentioned in this announcement, we would like to do more things to accelerate our tech-related activities including community development, but we’re unfortunately shortstaffed.   By having new guys for developing new things just like this meet-up, we’ll keep trying to find a new way to give our readers what they want.
Finally, we appreciate all your continuous support for Asiajin.

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