Tokyo’s Social App Provider Pokelabo Fundraises USD12M From DCM And Mobage-Town

On Wednesday, Tokyo-based social app provider Pokelabo[J] announced that they had fundraised USD12M from Silicon Valley-headquartered VC firm DCM and IncubateFund[J], an investment fund by DeNA owning social app and mobile game platform Mobage-Town.
Pokelabo was founded three years ago by the company’s CEO and his “Mixi[J]-mates”.  It has developed flash games for feature phones, such as Samurai Kingdom (war simulation game) and Yakyutomo (growing a baseball team).
Reportedly they plan to recruit new personnel to expand their business and take the top of this sector in Japan.   Besides, they want to develop new services for foreign users and grow up to USD1.2B worth in the future, they say.

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