The iPhone Makes You Much Easier To Park On City Streets

Tokyo-based mobile service integrator IMJ Mobile[J] and its subsidiary developing iPhone/Android apps Bottle Cube have introduced the iPhone app that allows you to find available parking lots near where you are by using GPS.
IMJ Mobile has a database consisting from more than 36,000 parking lot location data, and they’ve been presenting the data to car navigation system manufacturers and map content providers.   The new app allows you to find the pay-by-the-hour parking lots, memorize which part of the lots you’ve parked in and show you composite pictures that makes you preview the location by the augmented reality (AR) technology.
Available with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.   You can use it for free for the first thirty days after downloading, and then you’ll be charged 115 yen for a 30-day subscription or 350 yen for a 100-day subscription.

Available on Japanese App Store

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