Ngi Group Unveils API That Integrates Your App With Multiple Social Networks

Ngi Group, which has spawned a number of new Internet businesses in Tokyo and is known for having invested in Japan’s top social network Mixi[J], unveiled a new API called “ngi social connect[J]”  at a serial meet-up by and for Japanese social app providers and developers[J] “Social App Night” today.
The API allows app developers to integrate their apps with multiple social network platforms more easily, such as Twitter and Facebook, without putting a code for each.   The company expects to develop ad solutions and marketing services that can reach social app users whom Google Ad can never reach, they say, based on the technologies of social graph marketing and behavioral targeting.
In September, the new API will be installed on Tokyo-based commerce site developer Venture Republic[J]‘s price-comparison service[J], word-of-mouth-based marketing service for hotels and inns[J] and ngi’s iPhone/social app showcase Applie[J].

Above: Yozo Kaneko, CEO of ngi Group and his colleague demo-ed “ngi social connect” at Social App Night, Akihabara, Tuesday.

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