Four Companies Encourage Developers To Monetize Apps With New In-app Purchase Platform And Investments

Tokyo-based real affiliate service provider Best Create[J], Japan’s largest telecom product distributor Hikari Tsushin, Cyber Agent Investment and SBI Investment[J] launched a new project called “Future of Apps[J]” last month, which is expected to collect new app ideas and will invest USD110,000 at the maximum in each of selected promising ones.   The project will also set up a new in-app purchase platform for the Android handsets, which is aimed at making it easier for app developers to make money with the apps.
As for good ideas chosen by the project from all collected entries, a team of four companies will support financially and physically those who have invented the ideas to develop apps and to promote by introducing them at 6,400 “REAL” stores and restaurants participating in the Best Create’s real affiliate network.
At the kick-off conference to be held on this coming Friday, the team will start collecting new app idea entries from smartphone users and app developers, and it is due on July 9.   Then, the team will help the inventors in many ways to release their apps in September.
The kick-off conference including venture capitalist Yuji Akaba’s keynote speech followed by a panel discussion with famous journalists and smartphone app entrepreneurs will be also televised live on Ustream starting on Friday at 7pm, J.S.T.

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