Video Artists To Hold Japan’s First Festival Of Movie Clips Filmed With iPhone

Now we can easily capture every frame of every scene at any time at any place with the iPhone. A variety of the iPhone apps allow us to complete high-quality video clips including adding music and sound effects.

Japan’s six video artists will have an event called “iPhone 3min Movie Festival[J]” this Saturday afternoon at Apple Store Ginza[J], which will show you a number of great video clips they’ve made only with the iPhone and give you an opportunity to learn know-how to create your own clips.
No live streaming is allowed at Apple Store Ginza.  Ustream DJ AyanoTDO[J] shot the event’s rehearsal segment under permission.

Event organizers and presenters are:

  • Jet Daisuke (A-list video blogger) – his blog[J]
  • Kensaku Hosoi a.k.a. KEN3TV (organizer, photo exhibition iPhone x CameraTalk) – his blog[J]
  • Masayuki Asakawa a.k.a. Asakawazu (podcaster) – his blog[J]
  • Takeshi Motoda (organizer, computer music event Otodust) – his blog[J]
  • CooDoo (A-list blogger and Digital DJ) – his blog[J]
  • Atsushi Iizuka ( iPhone x CameraTalk) – his blog[J]

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