TwitCasting – Free Twitter+Videostreaming iPhone App

Yesterday’s big news around live streaming was Ustream raised from Japanese Softbank. Today, another mobile video streaming launched from Japan (the service is English/Japanese bilingual), TwitCasting by Sidefeed.“>
A free iPhone Application side of TwitCasting is a Twitter client with video broadcasting which boasts low latency (0.1 sec to 0.3 sec within Japan, as they say). On Sidefeed CEO’s blog [J], the CEO Yosuka Akamatsu recommends to use iPhone 3GS for the best experience, though the movie’s frame rate are adjusted with your environment.
The broadcast movie can be viewed on TwitCasting website by standard web browsers (on Flash) and iPhone/iPod Touch (QuickTime).
Here is the introduction video (Japanese audio/English subtitle),

SideFeed is known by its spin-off service Joker Racer, which got the Grand Prix at WISH 2009 startup event in Tokyo last year.

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