New Ustream Investor Softbank 3Q Results Briefing Starts On The Web Now

I have just read the breaking news that Softbank invests $75 million to Ustream Inc., live video streaming service. When Softbank will exercise all option, it will be the lead investor with over 30%.
Yesterday, Softbank announced that they would broadcast their third quoter results report over several different channels like follows,

When I saw this announcement, I wonder why Softbank added two new channels, Twitter and Ustream, which they did not use at former broadcast. Especially Ustream, because Softbank has Yahoo! BB Broadcast and some other broadcast services they can use. Now I know why Ustream is there.
The broadcast will be done both in Japanese and English, starting around 16:30 February 2nd, 2010 Japan Standard Time, which is just 1 hour from now.

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