Blame Internet Over The Fewest Homicides. What!?

Two of Japan’s most authoritative newspapers, Asahi Shimbun and Nikkei Shimbun both put a very similar notes on their front editorial on January 29th, which made net users upset.
Both referred the statistical trend which had been announced by The National Police Agency. The number of homicides and homicide attempts in 2009 was 1,097, and that is the lowest record after the World War II, which is… definitely great news, isn’t it?
Those two prestige newspapers have different thought on the news. Leading liberal newspaper Asahi’s editorial said,

“Ironically, it is said to be possible that the Internet society weakening people’s relationship is one of the reasons to lower the the homicides.” [J]

Hmm. *Who* said that? On the same day Nikkei, quality business paper, you saw,

There is an expert who tells that people’s relationship weakened recently reduces tiffs against others. The self-absorbed Internet society strengthens this tendency, some pointed. [J]

In Japan, traditional media take more confrontational attitude against the Internet, if you compare it with west. One reason is that their readers demographics is on older side, whilst the Internet is welcoming younger people.
The world-class (by number) gigantic newspapers are supported by those old generation who believe that those newspapers are the right information source. Any critics on the Internet is favoured to the majority of the readers who dislike the Internet.

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