Japanese Kaomoji Stamp

Kaoiro by Ginghami is a classic stationery stamper which does not mark year-month-date but Japanese net emoticons Kaomoji(Facial Ascii Art), matches with your “:-)”, “X-D”, “;-P”, etc. # Kaomoji is different from Emoji, every single of which is a single letter like “A” and “1” and being suggested to be included in Unicode. You may… Continue reading Japanese Kaomoji Stamp

“www” has another meaning in Japanese Web

When browsing Japanese websites, especially user-generated ones like BBS, you may see a lot of “w” letter at the end of lines on Japanese text. Such like, “Blablabla www” Do you know what they are? Those “w”, “ww”, “www” or longer consective “w”s mean laugh, laugh out loud in Japan. i share Inc. recently researched… Continue reading “www” has another meaning in Japanese Web