iPhone Breast Enhancer: Better Than Plastic Surgery To Be Sexy?

Following the company’s stupid iPhone/iPod touch app serial release (like this), Kayac, a funny web app developer based in Tokyo’s suburb, just made something new to make our hard days more cheerful.
Tanimania, it is a breast enhancer that enables to make the breast of you or your girlfriend much sexier than ever – but unfortunately it’s available only on an iPhone screen, not real one.
Just shoot someone’s portrait including a specific part of her (a male’s breast is not recommended), and adjust the image position so that it should be corrected as you expect.   Additionally, the app allows you to put a mole on her face virtually.
Tanimania is available at AppStore for almost USD1.28 (JPY115), and the app’s title comes from Japanese slang “tanima” standing for a sexy woman’s cleavage formed by the breasts.

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