Cute Girl Duo Gets A Higher Attention Than What They Promote

Tokyo-based start-up company Cerevo[J] will begin accepting orders for the company’s first product Cerevo Cam next Tuesday.   It’s an Internet-enabled digital camera that automatically uploads your pictures to photo sharing services such as Flickr when it’s at WiFi locations, without ejecting a memory card nor using a USB cable.   Therefore, if you’d like to share a snapshot with someone whom you have posed with at a party or a meet-up, you just need to bring the camera back home.   You don’t need pick it out from your suitcase, and that will process complicated mess afterward.   Just you’ll be notified via a cellphone e-mail when the camera battery is low-level and requires another charging.
Preparing for the product release, the company’s website has changed its appearance to attract Internet geeks more than ever.   A cute promotional girl duo explains how the product works and what are significantly different from the cameras which have been ever introduced by the other companies.
As far as we see the blogosphere trends on the new product, the geeks are interested in the duo’s identity rather than technical specs of the product.   Well-known Japanese A-list blogger Masaki Ishitani (@masakiishitani[J]) praised their charm and noted on his blog that he was eager to join their live performance event if they would have.
Cerevo Screenshot
In order to enjoy the duo’s flash video presentation, visit Cerevo’s website at and click the Play icon in the center of the top page.
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