WebCam: Tokyo’s New Landmark Is Currently Under Construction

Logo of Tokyo Sky Tree
Japanese terrestrial TV transmitting is set to completely turn to digital on July 24th of 2011.   Here in Tokyo, all TV signals are currently being transmitted from the top of Tokyo Tower (332.5 meters or 1,090 feet high), but a new transmission facility located at a higher altitude is required to cover the Tokyo Metropolitan Area with digital terrestrial TV signals.
Tokyo Sky Tree (610 meters / 2,000 feet high), a new transmission site as well as a possible new landmark for international travelers, is currently under construction in the eastern part of the city, and its construction scene can be watched live on a website.
Live webcams installed at the site are active from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday in Japan Time, meaning from 0am to 8am, Monday through Saturday in UTC.   You can pan and zoom the cameras with backlight compensation feature as though you stood at the site.
Tokyo Sky Tree Webcams

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