Japan’s First Twitter Novel Book Is On The Way

A paper book named “Twitter Shousetsu – 140 ji no Monogatari”(Twitter Novels – 140 Letters Stories) is to be published at the beginning of next month, announced by one of ten professional authors, Mika Naitoh [J]. There will be over 100 very short stories in the book.
According to her blog, the first Japanese book compiling tweet novels is written by 10 professional authors, @EnJoeToh, @toiimasunomo, @SinjowKazma, @Talkingdogdays, @kaworu963, @adachib, @watanabeyayoi, @izutada, @harukiyoshii, and herself, @micanaitoh.
It was born by part of tweet-novel writing movement around the hashtag #twnovel (statistics), which Mika Naitoh suggested in July [J]. There are over 5,000 stories posted both by those professionals and amateurs.
Translation of the first one of Mika Naitoh’s, taking twitter on it:

On twitter, I noticed you the first time in years. Followed the name in secrecy. You do not know it is me. Reading his familiar style with sentiment, will I tell it someday? Days later, you tweeted “Today is my third wedding anniversary”.

As I recently wrote on another article, Japanese can convey roughly doubled information in the same 140 letters limit to English. I cannot translate it within 140 in English.
The publisher, Discover Twenty-One, is planning another tweet novel book with non professional twitter users.

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