Photo Speak: Let Your Favorite Portrait Speak And Blink

Motion Portrait, a tech spin-out of Sony Computer Science Laboratories(CSL) and now a subsidiary of So-Net Entertainment, introduced an iPhone app that allows you to animate your favorite picture and let it blink and speak anything you want, Photo Speak today.   Now it’s available at AppStore for JPY350.
The app uses the company’s state-of-the-art technology to create a portrait animation with an emotional motion from a still image, and it enables lip-sync with recorded voice.
In order to get the animation, you just need to shoot a picture with an iPhone-embed camera or to choose a picture taken.  After the app complete uploading it to the company’s server, it will get a processed animation in several seconds.
The company is planning to enhance the app by adding features that allow you to add a hat or a pair of glasses on the animated result and to share it with your friends.


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