Unidentified “Floating” Objects Are Introduced In Osaka This Summer

Logo of NTT Facilities
In commemorating the series of water-oriented events which are now underway in Osaka, NTT Facilities, a property management company of NTT Group, developed two solar-powered and UFO-shaped water purifiers, which are to be installed in Dotonbori[Wikipedia]-canal running through the center of the city, and in a moat around the Osaka Castle.
That machine is a spin-off of the company’s under-developing new business of constructing large-sized solar power plants.   It has a capacity of purifying 9,000 lit. (approx. 2,370 gal.) a day, and the purified water is fountained from the top of the machine in order to keep its surface clean and to keep solar panels cool to maintain energy conversion efficiency.
Solar UFO Pictures
Via the Asahi Shimbun[J]

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