If The Shoguns Were Alive Today, Which Would Be Their Favorites?

Softbank Mobile released new five line-ups of luxury-textured and japan-lacquered covercase for iPhone 3GS/3G, which imitate an “inro” or a feudal pillbox used in Japan’s turbulent age.  The list price is JPY 99,800 for each, which is approximately USD 1,050.
The line-ups were designed on the concept of what kind of iPhone case the five shoguns would want if they had their own iPhone in their age, and a Kyoto-based 300-year-old japan lacquer craftshop completed the state-of-the-art items for Japanese antique lovers.   A historian’s guide to the Shoguns are also attached to all products.   Available only at SoftBank Mobile’s online shop[J].
Japan Texture Screenshot
JAPAN TEXTURE Special Editions for iPhone 3GS/3G
(Texts given to each item in the picture above are the names of the five Shoguns.)
Softbank Mobile online shop is to ship their merchandises to Japanese addressee only.   If you’d like to purchase any of the item and receive it outside Japan, you’d better consider using a third-party overseas forwarding service such as Tenso.com.

Via RBB Today [J]

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