Herbivorous-type Boys Scouter: What Animal Are You?

Logo of Gigno System
Motion Portrait, a Tokyo-based tech start-up and expert in image processing, and Gigno System Japan, a mobile app developer and a subsidiary of Tokyo FM Broadcasting[J], jointly introduced a new mobile service called “Herbivorous-type Boys Scouter (草食男子スカウター[J])“, which allows you to measure how aggressive you are for girl hunting.
Author’s Note: Herbivorous-type boys or 草食系男子 (Soshoku-kei Danshi) has been used by Japanese media for the last several years.   It stands for males in their 20s and 30s who are always cooperative and gentle but not aggressive to have relationship with females.
Just take a portrait photo with a camera built-in your cellphone and e-mail it to the system.   The system will receive your portrait, analyze your face by measuring the distance between the eyes etc., determine what animal you resemble, make a composite photo of your portrait and the animal and e-mail it back to you.
Available only from cellphones subscribing to each of Japanese mobile carriers.
Vegan-type Boys Scouter

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