Now, Long Phone Conversation Makes You Fly For Free

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EC-Navi[J], a Shibuya-based tech venture running several web services such as price comparison site for e-commerce users, tied up with Japan’s second largest mobile company KDDI, and plans to launch a nationwide cellphone service as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). The service will start on August 3rd, and it targets females in their 20s and 30s.
EC-Navi has an original point system allowing users to exchange a variety of the third-party’s frequent customer program points to other program points or cash as you wish to have. Based on market research, the company learned that one of the most effective aspects when consumers choose a service was customer reward program. By developing a combination of the point exchange system and an MVNO platform provided by Inphonix[J], EC-Navi can provide potential users with a new cellphone subscription menu allowing to switch the points earned from your cellphone usage to your favorite frequent flyer mileage program.
EC-Navi installs an original application on the phone before it is shipped to customers, which leads them to the company’s several web services.

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