Live Event: This Century’s Most Powerful Eclipse Starts In A Couple Of Hours

NHK ‘s video shooting the eclipse in Iwojima, a rural island located 1,200km (750 miles) off Japan’s main islands.

NHK’s video shooting the eclipse from a ferry cruising the Pacific Ocean.
These two videos were carried live by NHK, JAXA, NICT and NAOJ via high-speed data communication satellite “KIZUNA (WINDS)“.

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We reported almost a dozen of the eclipse related live events in this story several weeks ago.   Once again, the followings give you an opportunity to be a part of this great astronomical event even at your home or your office.    The eclipse can be observed from 9:30am to 0:30pm. J.S.T.(Japan Standard Time), which is 0:30am to 3:30am U.T.C.(Universal Time Coordinated)

  • A TBS-affiliate TV station in Okinawa, MBC brings you live images from Nakanoshima Island, Akuseki-jima Island and Takarajima Island.   It uses a Tokyo-based Utagoe‘s livestreaming technology.
  • Japan’s public broadcaster NHK will bring you live coverage from Akuseki-jima Island, Yakushima Island, Iwojima Island and a ferry cruising the Pacific Ocean.
  • The world’s largest meteorological company Weathernews delivers live coverage from Mumbai(India), Seoul(South Korea), Shanghai (Mainland China) and Amami-Ohshima Island (Kagoshima, Japan). (requiring free online signup and an Adobe-AIR app installation)
  • Sky Perfect J-SAT (Japan’s only satellite broadcasting platform operator) and Nico Nico Douga[J] (UGC-based popular video sharing site) will bring live images from Ogasawara Haha-jima, Bonin Islands, to NicoNico subscribers’ cellphone handsets and PC screens. Two weather girls will anchor the live show[J] and investigate the supervisions whether dogs are howling and frogs are cloaking in chorus when the sun and the moon are in conjunction.
  • Tokyo-based system integration company Media-I will be broadcast live stream from Akuseki-jima, a Tokara island.  See this[J] for more details.
  • In association with elementary and junior high schools in Tokara islands, Kagoshima University will bring you live streaming from seven Tokara islands.   See this[J] for more details.
  • Japan Meteorological Agency announced it would publicize still satellite images shooting the earth from MTSAT-2 every 15 minutes since 10am, July 22nd when the eclipse will be underway.  Images will be available here[J].
  • RKK, a private TV broadcaster in Kumamoto, will deliver live coverage from seven locations and be aired on a morning show[J] on the broadcaster’s participating nationwide affiliate network.   Images will be also available on the Internet at RKK’s website.

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