Japanese-made “Extra” Film Gets High Popularity In S. Korea

A certain type of brand new film product, which can change a camera built in your cellphone to infrared fluoroscope, is on sale at the e-commerce site of an Akihabara-based detective tool shop, and now it gets an explosive popularity among Korean Internet users.
The e-commerce site has an evidence picture that allows you to see playing cards through a t-shirt worn by someone.   According to its explanation, since the product uses sunshine, you can take an advantage of it only outdoor and under clear sky in the daytime.   The website warns no sneak shooting is allowed with it.
A few days ago, the product was introduced on Yahoo! Korea, and a news story covering it was raised to the first rank in the number of those who have read.
Yahoo Korea's News on Super Magic Film
Via Rocket News 24[J]
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