Foot Controlled Feed-Reading By Beatmania Controller


Photo by Hampus Andersson

There are some “Foot Mouse” products for people suffering from tendonitis or multitasking workers who are serious on his/her work efficiency, but the needs are not so high and eventually those products are rather more expensive than regular mice.
tyoro [J] from Kyoto sparked the idea to reuse the broadly available cheap gaming device for RSS reader manoeuvre [J].
For demonstration, he manipulated the “Beatmania Controller” with his hands, but he uses it with his feet in reality.

He assigns a DJ turntable to “Next” and “Prev”, 5 keys to main short cut keys on the Japanese favourite feed reader, livedoor Reader [ENG].
“Turntable’s analogue touch supports your intended manipulation well and realize much more articles to be read in the same time”, as he wrote.
(some English corrected by Sean O’Hagan. Thanks always, Sean.)

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