Original Comic Distribution To Be Launched For World’s iPhone-rs

In July, Hot Source[J], a Tokyo-based start-up company, will start online comic distrubution service specifically designed for iPhone/iPod devices, in association with Sakura Cube[J] operating an Internet comic sale site.   Unlike similar services that other iPhone/iPod app-based content publishers provide by scanning paper-printed comics, Hot Source’s new series are originally developed to be seen on iPhone/iPod screen, which won’t require you to enlarge pictures to read speech bubbles.
Manga Source Screen Capture
The company will bring out five titles in its July release, including a new comic inspired by Japanese classical literature and a true story comic series drawn by a well-known host club owner based in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku.   Every episode costs 315 yen (approx. USD3.20 including Japanese consumption tax).
All comic titles are to be translated into English, and will be available at various local editions of iPhone/iPod AppStores.   The company expects its titles to get spread among the world’s manga enthusiasts.

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