Ezo Red Fox May Also Celebrate Firefox’s Upcoming Release

Logo of Mozilla Foundation Logo of Shiretoko Foundation
Mozilla Foundation is now working on the final phase for FireFox 3.5 official release which has a development codename of Shiretoko.   The codename was named after a popular forest area and a national park located in the north-eastern end of Hokkaido island, also registered as a World Heritage.
In connection with the meet of the modern convenience and the nature under the same name, Mozilla Japan and an NPO focusing on nature preservation in that area jointly launched a canpaign website called “Discover Shiretoko” on Thursday.   The website has a variety of pictures shooting local ecosystems such as brown bear, Ezo sika deer, Ezo red fox, earless seal and dolphin living in the area.
The two bodies are also running a campaign of distributing banner ads to bloggers for appealing the importance of natural preservation.   These banners shows you a tree, and if you put that on your blog site, the tree will be growing up as your every website visitor goes to the Shiretoko website via the banner.   Campaign participating bloggers can share real-time tree growth state with the others by checking out luxuriance of the virtual forest landscape on the website.  The virtual landscape is always changing in accordance with real weather and sunlight conditions in the area.

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