Seasonal Celebration At Shrine For Akihabaran Soil And Soul

Kanda Myojin's Logo
A shrine located in the Akihabara electric district and was built more than a millennium ago, Kanda-Myojin celebrates its annual biyearly festival in the town, and live streamers are shooting the people who thank the local deity, pray for peace in the town and carry portable shrines on their shoulders.
NTT Communications' Logo
Kanda Channel
As of this writing, the festival is under way.   NTT Communications brings its livecast showing many scenes from the eyes of an audience of the festival.
Kanda Matsuri Livecast
Livecast is available at, and all programs start at every top of the hour.
On the other hand, inspired by Extreme Hanami which was a social event admiring cherry blossoms in Tokyo’s hostspots and hosted by Andrew Shuttleworth and Paul Papadimitriou last month, Steven Nagata organizes a walking/sight-seeing/tweeting/livecasting social event called Extreme Matsuri, the event participants are also shooting many scenes around the festival.
Extreme Matsuri
Kanda-Matsuri is counted as one of Japan’s three biggest shrine festivals.

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