McDonald’s Japan Confuses “Wiki” and “Pedia”

McDonald’s Japan opened a new web campaign for its strategic product quarter pounder, which they desperately wanted to sell even by hiring buyers.
The campaign site is named “Quarter Pounder Wiki“, on where there are several keywords are displayed in cloud style. By clicking each keyword, you can see fun contents.
But how can this be “Wiki”? Everything looks professionally made and there are no edit or login buttons. (or nothing so “fast” in its original Hawaiian)
Obviously, they made the same mistake as some Japanese people do. They guessed “Wiki” from Wikipedia means something encyclopaedia-tique. But isn’t McDonald’s an American company?
via mhatta’s blog [J]


  1. Which measure will McDonalds Japan take to correct?
    1) They will change the title to Quarter Pounter-pedia.
    2) They will add a wiki feature on that.
    3) They will do nothing special.
    4) They will protest that their understanding is correct according to the studies at Hamburger University.
    Available options:
    1x 50:50, 1x Ask the Audience, 1x Phone a Friend

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