Make Your Blog Catchier With Yellow Paper’s Know-How

Kayac's Logo Toh-Spo's Logo
Kayac[J], a funny web app developer based in Tokyo’s suburb, and Tokyo Sports[J] (a.k.a. Toh-spo), a daily sports newspaper company,  jointly introduced a blodget[J] on Wednesday, which may make your blog much catchier.

Toh-spo covers sports and show biz news everyday, and it is an yellow paper having a large circulation.   Tokyo businessmen love the paper because of its catchy and unique headlines.   When you put a mouse cursor over the blodget, a catchy headline generated from the content on your blog will be appeared as the paper’s cover page alike.   It has three lines of news ticker which keep you update with a number of “real” and interesting Japanese showbiz news.
The two companies are planning three web-based services starting with the blodget.    Kayac released 77 web services in 2007, and 88 services in 2008.   The company is stretching itself to make a new record in the number of services released by the end of this year.
Newsstand at Shibuya
Toh-spo is being sold here and there in Tokyo, and the catchy headlines attract passers-by.
(The picture above is a news stand at Hachiko Square, Shibuya Station.)

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