Earn Points In Mobile Game, Plant Trees In Chinese Desert

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On Wednesday, Two Tokyo-based mobile tech start-ups Ceres[J] and Orso[J] jointly launched a forest growing mobile game called “Morippy”.   In the game a user can virtually grow a forest by getting along with three characters representing animal, plant and fungi on behalf of all ecosystem factors.
You can earn reward points on the game in proportion to the size of the forest you have grown.   Every time you make a redemption of the points earned, the two companies will plant larch trees in Inner Mongolia Autonomous District, Mainland China, in partnership with a Yokohama-based ecological consultancy, Carbon Free Consulting.
As more users enjoy the game and consume more points, there will be more tree planting to restrain desertification and sandstorm as well as creating employment needs in the region.
Ceres was founded by the former chief of the president’s office for a well-known dot-com company Cyber Agent, and is a strong company in developing reward point-enabled mobile sites that allows redemption in real life.   Orso was founded by the former vice president of a cellphone ringtone publisher Cell, and has an expertise in developing flash-based mobile sites.

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