The RSS-based Service Developer Adds A Twitter-like Business Solution To Line-up

Modiphi's Logo
The Tokyo-based tech venture company Modiphi[J] started a twitter-like micro blog service for enterprise use[J] today.
SMART iPhoneApp Screen
The company introduced the same series for consumer use[J] last month, which allows you to post a short message and share it with your friends, as well as RSS feeds aggregation and social bookmarking feature. The service is also available for PC and the iPhone app. The enterprise edition allows you to share a message only within your company or your institution as well.
Furthermore, in the beginning of this month, the company announced two former Cybozu engineers had joined the team to accelerate developing this service.
Modiphi is focusing on developing enterprise solutions using RSS feeds and the iPhone interface. The company is a spin-out venture from the VC firm[J] which was founded by the first representative for Oracle Japan in its history.
FYI: The twitter-like service for enterprise use, Yammer won TechCrunch 50’s best award last year.

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