and Alibaba Start B2B Service For Mainland China

On Tuesday, the Tokyo-based Internet conglomerate launched a service specifically focusing on Japanese manufacturer’s wholesale exporting to Mainland China, in partnership with China’s largest B2B platform provider Alibaba.
The service helps the manufacturers to find new China’s local merchandisers / distributors by match-making needs among users on Alibaba’s website(B2B) and  its B2C edition called Taobao[C]. provides export-related assistance for Japanese sellers, including arranging customs processing and international logistics.   Alibaba’s buyers are allowed to purchase an item from a variety of 1,000 products from 100 Japanese sellers as of this writing, and payable with Alibaba’s online payment system Alipay and China’s credit card brand China UnionPay.
Under the influence of food poisoning outbreaks involving Chinese-made frozen dumplings and infant formulas, not only Japanese but also a number of Chinese people are willing to use Japanese consumer products for their health and safety, especially in the wealthy layer living in emerging developed coastal cities like Shanghai.   The tide is running in favor of possible Japanese exporters.
In a year ahead, the two companies expect to involve more 500 Japanese sellers, which will carry more than 10,000 merchandise items targeting Chinese market.

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