Ex-school Sites Are On Sale For The First Time In Japan’s Internet Auction History

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A rural town located on the south coast of Hokkaido Island, Niikappu, put four of the town’s unused municipal elementary school sites on sale on Yahoo Auction[J].    The sites consist of school buildings, swimming pools and teachers’ dormitories.   The bid started in the USD21M to USD67M price range.
Because of the declining number of applicants for schools due to the low birthrate, the town government was forced to close seven elementary schools last spring.   The government has been trying to sell all unused facilities to the private sector, but four school sites remained unsold and the government decided to list them on Yahoo Auction.
According to Yahoo Japan[J], these are the first school sites ever listed since the company started handling government items on Yahoo Auction.
Ex-school Sites in Niikappu
via Internet Watch[J] and IT media[J]
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