Green New Deal in Japan? If roads in Tokyo are covered by the grass…

Here is an amazing Green New Deal project not held in the States but in Tokyo, Japan. For saving the earth, this project will resurface roads in Tokyo by the grass.
Here is a shot of Shinjuku, one of the busiest crossroad in Tokyo.

Look this place by Google StreetView
Another shot at Shinjuku, west side of the station.

Look this place by Google StreetView
As a matter of course this is not an official project, an imaginary one, but still this innovative concept visualized by designers in Tokyo has succeded to make people think for a better, a dream-like environment.
Here is a website of the project GREEN ISLAND.
They are looking for designers and programmers who want to join this project to expand green islands all over the world by creating photos, blog widgets, and etc.
If you want to contribute to make more greeny places in the world, check this out.
JOIN US – Greeen Island Project

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