ISP Platform Provider Releases iPhone App To “Server-ize” Your iPhone

FreeBit Co., Ltd[J], a Tokyo-based venture company famous for providing its network platform to many VNO/ISPs (virtual network operator/Internet service providers), presented its business plans to investors Wednesday. On the same day, company CEO Atsuki Ishida[J] unveiled the company’s brand new iPhone app in the AppStore (clicking on the link will launch iTunes).
The app is called “ServersMan@iPhone[J]“, and allows your iPhone or iPod touch to be used as a web server and file server.   You can upload/download any file via a web browser or webDAV client.
The service’s name derives from Sony’s “WalkMan“, a tiny pocket-sized device which enables users to listen to songs without a huge stereo set.   FreeBit has invited Sony’s former CEO Nobuyuki Idei to be a business advisor for the company. The brand new app’s name seems to be inspired by Sony’s production concepts.
Serverman's Web-UI Screen
If the PC that you’re transferring the file to/from is located in the same network segment as the iPhone/iPod touch, both devices are connected directly.   Otherwise, they are connected via the company’s own Internet-VPN technology called “emotion link”.
The app is only available in the Japanese AppStore, but the company intends to make it available in the U.S. AppStore as well by the end of this March.   The company’s CEO, Ishida, also revealed that a ServersMan Windows Mobile Edition is under development and is heading for an upcoming service release in mainland China.
Proofread by: Sean O’Hagan

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