Suginami Ward Proposes Removing Google Street View Images

A ward in the residential area of the Tokyo Metropolitan Special District, Suginami Ward Authority started introduce on the ward’s newsletter and the website how to request the deletion of Google Street View images to Google.
Google Street View started last August here in Japan, it is convenient to find the route to the destination, but some critics point out problems in terms of protecting privacy and preventing crimes on the other hand.
Suginami ward said, they got several complainments from the citizens of fearing about violating privacy by Google Street View, the ward proposed to Google some image deletions last August and this month.
The ward recommends the citizens to request and submit image deletion directly to Google if required.
In similar case, the municipal assembly of Machida City or a Tokyo’s surburb also passed an opinion for encouraging the country government to make a regulation of free image uploading.  At the general affairs comittee of Japan’s lower house this month, there was a question to find the situation caused by Google Street View in foreign countries.
(via Asahi Shimbun (JP))

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