Web2.0 Expo Tokyo 2008 turned down by Tim O’Reilly’s absense

Web2.0 Expo Tokyo 2008, planned on Dec. 3rd and 4th, cancellation is announced by its organizer CMP Technology Japan.

On the conference top page [J], now it is explained that the event was cancelled because they would not be able to hold the conference as announced initially.
In their Japanese press release, it is described things missed from the original plan are some guest speakers from oversea.
CNET Japan editor Atsuyoshi Narumi inquired “So who really cancelled?” to CMP Technology Japan, to get an answer that it is Tim O’Reilly who cannot make it. Well, if keynote speaker is missed, it is too big to ignore.
English version of the announcement

the current business climate was not conducive to guaranteeing the success of the event.

is slightly different from Japanese version.I do not know which was first, Tim’s schedule or lack of sponsors. Anyway this is another ominous sign following to “Web2.0’s death“.
Now Open Web Asia ’08 becomes more important than before.

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