CiFTR – a work shift management software

CiFTR (JP) (pronounced as shifter) is a software to manage a complicated work shift of part time employees.
In Japanese restaurant industry, most waiting staffs are part-time workers with a complicated work shift. So, work shift management could be a real headache for managers.

CiFTR enables part-time workers to request their desired work shift by mobile phones, and managers can adjust and confirm work shifts from web browsers.
They say this leads to 1. reduced overstaffing and labor cost; 2. reduced management cost; 3. more satisfied employees.
One customer’s testimonial said that they were managing work shift with papers, emails and excel spreadsheets, and it took 10 hours to create and adjust work shift. After introducing CiFTR, it is reduced to 1 hour.
CiFTR is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) with a monthly fee of 4150yen ($40).

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