Dwango releases 61 minute-ringtone, wants to be listed in the Guiness book of records

Dwango, the Tokyo-based company behind Japan’s uber video portal Nico Nico Douga and the ringtone for dogs, has officially filed an application to get listed in the Guiness Book of Records.
Why? The company has developed what they think is the world’s longest ringtone at 61 minutes and 40 seconds. Say what you want, but in my view, these guys are Marketing geniuses.
The ringtone became available just today (Japanese handsets only) and is free for users of the Dwango download package offer.
For Asiajin readers living in Japan and actually wanting to download the ringtone, here are the instructions for Docomo, au and SoftBank:
au one→カテゴリ検索→着信メロディ・カラオケ・ボイス→J-POP→dwango.jpDX☆うたアリ☆
Yahoo! Keitai:
Via ITMedia [JP]

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