Hatsugen komachi – an anonymous online forum for women

In Japan, 2channel (2ch) is the biggest anonymous online forum, and they are very notorious for its unregulated contents.
Hatsugen komachi (Komachi) is another huge anonymous online forum with 100 million page views per month. Komachi is operated by the world’s largest newspaper company Yomiuri-shimbun. Unlike 2ch, it’s moderated by operators. Still words are not very gentle.
Komachi is very differently marketed from 2channel. Hatsugen komachi is a part of Oote komachi, a life-style portal site for women. Komachi successfully obtained ads from big companies.
Komachi has 3000 posts per day. In most posts, people discharges her/his personal experience, problem with family, or emotion. Then other people give them a some kind of advice or blames.
Example of posts:
* My 61 years old daddy is going to travel with a woman, and he kept it secret to my mother. Should I talk it to mom, or not?
* In my childhood, my mom told me that my neighbour described me as a ‘very ugly baby’. Now I’m in my 30s, but still I can’t overcome that word.
* My husband is an Otaku, and has many robot toys. I can’t bear it, so I discarded all those garbages while he’s working. We fought over it when he came back home. Getting mad by discarding toys, what a childish person he is? How can I make him regret? Give me advices! (She got lots of blaming replies)
(Please note it’s a very brief translation.)

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