MySpace Japan accepts Yahoo! Japan ID

Web power maps are different between Japan and English-web, as we have been showing examples (1, 2, 3). Now, another interesting cooperation which won’t happen in USA is announced. MySpace depends on Yahoo’s account.

Now, MySpace Japan has a link “Log in by Yahoo! Japan ID” below the regular log-in form. You will be forwarded to Yahoo! Japan authentication page and there you can bind your Yahoo ID with MySpace Japan, you will be required to create MySpace account anyway.
Yahoo! Japan is the largest Open ID provider in Japan, and it looks like similar with other Open ID alliance, but there are no Open ID mentioned.
Yahoo! Japan’s top page still does not have any link to MySpace Japan. Both MySpace Japan and Yahoo! Japan are partially owned by Softbank. So there were expectations that they helped each other, however, not much assists from Yahoo! Japan to MySpace Japan are observed so far. Yahoo! Japan owns its Social Networking Service Yahoo! Days, which may be one reason, but Yahoo! Days is quite unpopular against Mixi.

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