Google Alphabet in Japanese and other languages

Google finally added their long-testing “Google Suggest” feature to their top page. O’Reilly Radar made an interesting list of which letter shows what keyword when you type a single letter, ‘A’ to ‘Z’. By this, you can observe what brands are strong and popular in English web, at least Google thinks so.
Well, then how about Google Japanese? For example, there are no reason they recommend “eBay” for “e”, “Craigslist” for “c” as they hardly exist in Japan. Here we go,

Letter English Japanese explanation
a amazon amazon
b bebo biglobe ISP and portal by NEC group
c craigslist canon
d dictionary dell dell is the first. followed by docomo(#1 cell phone) and (Nintendo) ds
e ebay etc ETC is an Electronic Toll Collection System in Japan
f facebook firefox
g gmail goo NTT group portal
h hotmail hotmail
i ikea iphone
j john lewis jal Japan Air Line
k kelly blue book kakaku is a popular price comparison site
l limewire lhaplus Winzip-like file extractor tool in Japanese
m myspace mixi the No.1 Social Network Service
n nbc olympics nhk Nippon Housou Kyokai, national public television
o olympics ocn NTT group ISP
p photobucket psp Play Station Portable
q quotes quicktime
r runescape rakuten the biggest e-commerce mall
s sears softbank IT conglomerate who owns No.3 cell phone (including iPhone), Yahoo! Japan and Alibaba
t target toto US musician, Japan ese high-tech toilet manufacturer or our buddy Serkan Toto? Probably national soccer lottery “toto”
u utube ufj Mitsubisi UFJ Bank
v verizon wireless veoh
w wikipedia wiki Many Japanese people calls Wikipedia as Wiki
x xbox xbox360
y youtube yahoo
z zip codes zozo apparel e-commerce mall

Caution: as roman alphabet is not the prime letter in Japanese, search volume of them may not be big as other letters (Chinese-origin thousands Kanji-s and Hiragana/Katakana) in Japanese.
I also made a chart with Spanish, French, Chinese, etc. to see what Google thinks popular in each language here.

If anyone write the explanation of what each keyword means in your languages, please let me know (by comment or trackback). I will link to it.

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