Google Japan starts Street View at last

Google Japan starts Google Map Street View in Japan.
Now the street view is available in some principal cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, etc. You know, using Street View we can see the 360-degree view of a place.
The following image is the view of Shibuya.

see street view
Almost all of related news refer to the problem of privacy. Google tries to solve this problem by defocusing human faces and car numbers. In addition Google lets users to report the wrong scenes, for example if we can specify an individual person, thus they can always check them.

According to the official blog of Google Earth / Maps team, they starts Street View in Australia at the same time.
By the way, Junya Kondo, Founder & CEO of Hatena, wrote that he found a friend (actually his wife she is) on the Street View. And in 2ch community, they are heating up for watching various scenes, for example the scene of a sweet couple of high school students.

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