Ugokuhito – a mobile access analysis service

Ugokuhito, an access analysis service for mobile website in Japan, has been released in August 2008. We can see many types of analysis tools for PC website, but there were few mobile-version tools especially free services. Almost all of Japanese mobile browser can’t read javascript so Ugokuhito uses HTML tags and this can analyze mobile-internet users’ logs.
Followings are analyzing results.

  • User information – age, sex, area, etc.
  • It estimates the ratio of visitors’ age, sex and area so we can find “Who visit the website.”

  • Device information – manufacturer, release date, display size, etc.
  • It shows the visitors’ mobile devices information. This means that website developers can modify their website in accordance with the data, for example we can find the best display size for our website.

  • Search words
  • It is what keyword the visitors typed in a serach engine to visit the website.

  • Footprint – access log
  • It lists up when, what device, from where visitors visited the website.

  • Time analyzing
  • It shows hourly accesses.

  • Career analyzing
  • It shows each mobile careers’ accesses.

user information - age and sex

cover ratio of display size
cover ratio of display size


Ugokuhito is a free service and it has a limition for use, maximum PV per day is 10,000, per month is 300,000.
UserLocal, who launched this Ugokuhito, is a company from Waseda University. They has also released Nakanohito, a analyzing service for PC website, which shows the visitors’ company name.

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