Karaoke country fenced out from MySpace Karaoke

Today’s launched MySpace new feature, MySpace Karaoke, seems inaccessible from Japan, as you know, the birthplace of karaoke.
MySpace Karaoke is not accessible from Japan

We apologize, but this content is not licensed in your region, and therefore, cannot be played.
We are working on launching international sites soon so please be sure to check back with us.
Sing your heart out!
MySpace Karaoke team

Well, not a big deal, actually.

  • MySpace Japan exists so they may have different service plan, as the blocking page implies.
  • MySpace is not popular in Japan, anyway. Mighty Mixi might be thinking similar service
  • music copyright processing tends to be restricted by country border (sigh)
  • No Japanese songs, I assume (cannot check from here!)

On Japanese internet, there are several paid internet-karaoke services (Paso kara hodai, karaoke@dam, Internet Songbank, etc.), but they are not “social” services but just audio (without vocal) download services.
Another example of regional restriction, Pandora, the popular internet radio, is not usable from Japan.


  1. I think it’s great. I’m so pissed off that so many Japanese sites require that you’re in Japan to use them. This just seems like poetic justice.

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