Yomiuri TV Uses Skype To Interview Candidates

Japanese television broadcaster Yomiuri TV has found a novel new way to recruit young new employees to their company. They utilize Skype chat and video to conduct the interview.
The thinking behind the process is not to only demonstrate how “hip” they are to new technologies but also to provide an opportunity for many applicants to appear before the interviewers without taking on the cost of taking a bullet train ride to Osaka… perhaps a large expense which may not even yield a job.

Though the positions applied for DID have an IT connection, the ability to use the online chat inherently demonstrated at least a minimal required knowledge of new media technology.
It’s interesting to see traditional, established “old school” type of companies attempt these types of technologies. Normally, only tech related companies have done so in the past. Let’s hope we’ll see more companies around the world do the same.
[Via RBBToday]

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Robert Sanzalone

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