“Go! Go! Museum” International Release

Fuji Television, Inc. [J] and Pankaku, Inc. [J] have released the iOS app “Go! Go! MUSEUM” for the whole world.  Download is free.

“Go! Go! MUSEUM” is a game where you collect rare works of art and historical artifacts to make your own one of a kind museum.  By hunting for treasure around the world and collecting exhibits, exclusive guests will come by to visit.  Also you participate in real time auctions and bid for sale while competing with other players for rare exhibits.  Even more, there’s a trick where the exhibits come alive when you “put your heart into it.”  The game comes equipped with the Social Development Kit for smartphones “Pankia” offered by Pankaku, and you can share your activity within the game with other players.

Go! Go! Museum

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Social SDK “Pankia” Tops 10 Million Users

Pankaku [J], who have developed the smartphone social SDK “Pankia,” has announced that their number of users has topped 10 million.  This means that they have reached 10 million users in the 18 months since the service began.

“Pankia” is a social SDK (software development kit) developed by Pankaku.  It supports iOS and Android, and it includes functions such as item management and store, competition matching, ranking, achievement, and linking with Twitter and Facebook.  It allows application developers to add all sorts of indispensable functions into their games without incurring any costs.

Currently most Pankia users are from overseas, making it Japan’s highest level scale in terms of overseas smartphone developers.  In step with this, the company is officially opening Pankia to the general public.  Since its release in June of 2010, they added improvements and offered Pankia restricted only to designated game developers, but now just by registering on Pankia’s site, it’s possible for anyone to use it for development.

From now, they are striving to make even more improvements to the Pankia platform along with reinforcing the smartphone social game development line.  The plan is to continue to produce a large number of in house titles as well as entrusted development titles of social games ranking in the overseas market.  With a base of know-how which earned them collectively 10 million users worldwide, centered around America, they will continue to support monetization and promotion of Pankia developers’ game titles.

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Pankaku Welcomes i-mode’s Father As New Adviser

Tokyo-based smartphone app developer Pankaku[J] announced Mr. Takeshi Natsuno became the company’s adviser today. He started his career in this industry as the vice president for Japan’s first ad-based free ISP HyperNet, then joined NTT DoCoMo and invented the country’s first cellphone web-browsing platform i-mode. He is currently serving managing director for cellphone ringtone distributor Dwango[J] and the professor of Keio University.

Pankaku allocated new shares to their employees, Mr. Natsuno, Japan’s largest telco’s financial arm NTT Finance and system integrator Image Information Inc.[J] Pankaku has not disclosed how much shares have been newly issued. They are devoting themselves to launching a social app platform for smartphones called Pankia[J] and working on establishing more business partnerships with mobile app developers and game developers in Asian countries.

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Pankaku Increases Capital By Allocating New Shares To Cyber Agent

Pankaku[J], a tech start-up whose iPhone game app LightBike has recorded the 1st rank in the number of paid app downloading at the U.S. AppStore, announced it had increased capital by approx. USD536,000 through the allocation of  new shares to a third party accepted by Cyber Agent last month, which means Cyber Agent has taken approx. 20% stake of Pankaku.

Pankaku takes advantage of the know-how for managing community web services that Cyber Agent has learned, and is intend to boost the development of apps targeting international markets.