Jerry Yang’s 1999 Order Thanked By Japanese Auction Dominator Yahuoku

Yahufoku, former Yahoo! Auction, Japan’s most successful auction service might not launch if then-US Yahoo COO Jerry Yang did not stick it, the current Yahuoku division unit manager told to

According to him, who joined as an engineer to the team in 2001, said that Yahoo! (Japan) Auction’s launch in September 1999 (so this talker seemed not there) was heavily much supported by Yang, who had insisted that Yahoo! Japan must run C2C site, which he thought promising, and he offered to let US Yahoo! engineers worked on the initial development. Around 2001, all comments in the Yahoo Auction system were in English and Japanese engineers in Yahoo! Japan around that time had hard time. (There were usually a lot of Japanese comments in Japanese IT companies’ code, as Japan is a large enough market where all software engineering could work all in Japanese.) and offered let US engineers developed the first system.

Yahoo! Auction launched a year ahead to eBay’s Japanese version, which made eBay failed then retreated in in a few years.

It is still difficult to succeed C2C services raise a C2C service in Japan, because of the cultural characteristic which customers where people trust shops much more than other individuals, it is and where people dislike discussion and negotiations. Yahufoku is one of the very rare successful C2C sites. It has been trying to hide human touch from on the auction service, which was different from eBay, who just translated the original US version.

Jerry Yang’s 1999 Order Thanked By Japanese Auction Dominator Yahuoku

35 Series Of Power Rangers Color Chart

Nikkei Entertainment, an entertainment magazine under Nikkei newspaper made an interesting chart [J] around all 35 series of popular Super-Sentai-series, also known as Power Rangers oversea, has been made for 36 years since 1975, shows which series had what colors of heroes.

According to the article, colors and characters are closely related with Japanese people’s impressions on each colors, like red-helmet one tends to play a leader role with lively energetic character.

The first Power Rangers exported matches 1992’s Jyu-Ranger.

スーパー戦隊シリーズ 恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー VOL.1 [DVD]

Facebook Banned Ryoma Sakamoto, A Person Having The Same Name With A Historical Hero

A Tokyo guy whose name is Ryoma Sakamoto complained on Twitter that he had been banned from Facebook as he was using a fake name.

“I was suddenly unable to access Facebook. ‘Your account was suspended because your using name is not a real name’, which is not true…”

He tweeted “Facebook is asking him to submit two images of identity, when I could rent a video and buy a cellphone with only one ID.”

His employer, a Tokyo-based publisher Shufu no Tomo sha confirmed [J] that he is a real Ryoma Sakamoto and belongs to a sales division on its company PR Twitter account.

Another Ryoma Sakamoto is one of the most popular historic icon in Japan. NHK made a TV drama series on Sakamoto in 2010 with featuring a popular singer/actor Masaharu Fukuyama.

Sakamoto Ryoma, born in Kochi in 1835, made a great contribution to Japan’s rapid modernization which marked the end of 700 years of feudal government. The modernized nation he pictured had laws, a parliamentary system and a diplomatic office.

That banned Sakamoto’s icon photo is obviously a one in Japanese kimono which disguised the historical figure Sakamoto’s popular photo, and his blog [J] shows he is trying to impersonate the great Sakamoto. There are some other “Ryoma Sakamoto” there on Facebook.

Hat tip to @bulkneet

Time Trip on Tokyo Decade


Lat Long Lab is an experimental services showcase by Yahoo! Japan‘s map division (Alps-sha before Yahoo’s bought).


Their new service Tokyo decade shows you two maps of the same point in Tokyo, with current and 10 years ago.

The top page shows a good example, on the right, you see Tokyo Mid-Town (Roppoingi), where a famous pop singer got naked and arrested at its park, on the left, former Japan Defence Agency buildings are shown. The Tokyo Prefecture metro Oedo-line was under construction decade ago.


You may change the tab to “Fusion View”, on which you can see the past on the middle line and the current on the right on the single map. See Roppongi Hills!


There are some interesting points listed up where things have been drastically changed. If you have been, or visited Tokyo in last 10 years, it should be interesting.

Samurai Weapon – Blog Destroyer Widget

[NB: Sound is on by default]

Samurai Weapon is a bilingual(Japanese/English) blog widget provided by a big Japanese game vendor Koei, as a promotion of their new Nintendo DS game “Kunitori Zunou Battle/Nobunaga no Yabou” (Strategic Battle/Nobunaga’s Ambition).

On the widget, Samurai Warrior with his full armors will get irritated by your mouse touch. He will slash your cursor by his sword.

If you keep bothering him, he will destroy the whole page on the browser with invoking random operations, flaming arrow, flooding, 3 times gun fire, and canon attack.

The widget itself seems to require big data download so broadband access may be better to let him barsark.