Time Trip on Tokyo Decade

Lat Long Lab is an experimental services showcase by Yahoo! Japan‘s map division (Alps-sha before Yahoo’s bought).
Their new service Tokyo decade shows you two maps of the same point in Tokyo, with current and 10 years ago.
The top page shows a good example, on the right, you see Tokyo Mid-Town (Roppoingi), where a famous pop singer got naked and arrested at its park, on the left, former Japan Defence Agency buildings are shown. The Tokyo Prefecture metro Oedo-line was under construction decade ago.
You may change the tab to “Fusion View”, on which you can see the past on the middle line and the current on the right on the single map. See Roppongi Hills!
There are some interesting points listed up where things have been drastically changed. If you have been, or visited Tokyo in last 10 years, it should be interesting.

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